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Moving to Canada is an exciting opportunity. Each year, thousands of immigrants who travel to Canada create new economic opportunities for themselves and for Canada by joining this country's labour force. Lots of people come to work and stay in Canada permanently (as permanent residents) through Canada's immigration programs for skilled workers. People also come to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program operated by many of Canada's provinces and territories.
Many other immigrants come to Canada to set up their own business or to work temporarily to help Canadian employers address short-term requirements for employees in specific occupations. There are lots of programs available to come to Canada from visit visas to permanent residency and then citizenship.
Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live and work consistently. This makes it easy to understand why thousands of people choose Canada every year. From its strong, stable economy and vibrant, cosmopolitan cities to the breath-taking beauty of its natural environment, Canada offers newcomers opportunities and a quality of life that are second to none.

Canad Visitor Visa

You may need to apply for a visitor visa if you intend to stay temporarily in Canada and you don't intend to study or work....
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Canada Study Visa

Canada continues to be recognized as a provider of world-class education to its more than 130,000 foreign students
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Canada Skilled Migration Visa

The Work Visa to Canada offers various Federal, State and Provincial work visas that provide workers at all levels...
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Canada Start-Up
Business Visa

The Start-Up Visa program grants Permanent Residency to immigrant entrepreneurs while assisting them to become...
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Canada Quebec
Entrepreneur Visa

The Quebec Entrepreneur category of Canadian immigration was designed to allow qualified business owners and managers...
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Canada Permanent
Residency Visa

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian...
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