New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa





If you are an experienced business person and you want to be self-employed in your own business in New Zealand, applying for a work visa under the Entrepreneur Work Visa Category may be an option for you.


New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Requirements

There are a number of requirements to be met to apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa such as:

• You must have investment capital of at least NZ$100,000

• You must score minimum points on the points scale

• You must have a business plan for the proposed business.

• You must meet English language requirements


New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Entitlements

• An Entrepreneur work visa will enable you to move to New Zealand and buy or

   establish your own business

• It could be the first step to be eligible to apply for residence in New Zealand

   under the Entrepreneur Residence Category

• You can apply for residence just after 6 months or 2 years provided that you

   fulfill specific requirements.

• This visa is a potential route to obtain New Zealand citizenship


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