UK Visit Visa

Visitor visas allow you to enter and leave the UK as much as you’d like while the visitor visa is valid. No matter how long visa is valid for, you cannot stay in the UK longer than 6 months per visit. Visit visas can be applied for six months, one year, two years, five years or 10 years.


UK Visitor Visa Categories

*   Business Visitor Visa

*   General Visitor visa

*   Family Visit Visa

*   Academic Visitor

*   Doctors and Dentists

*   Child Visitor

*   Entertainer Visitor

*   Marriage Visitor visa

*   Parent of a Child at School visa

*   Permitted Paid Engagement visa

*   Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa

*   Prospective Entrepreneur visa

*   Sports Visitor visa

*   Student Visitor visa


Business Visitor visa

The business visitor visa is for the people who are working outside the UK and they want to visit the UK their business and work related activities. People who are coming to UK for meetings, conferences and training may apply for business visitor visa.


General Visitor Visa

You can apply for a General Visitor visa if you want to visit the UK as a tourist on holiday or you are visiting friends or family who aren’t permanent residents in the UK.


Family Visitor Visa

The UK family visitor visa is issued to those who want to come to UK to visit their family member. This visa is issued for 6 months.

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